You said, we heard! We are having lot of coffee cups these days because we want to deliver what our clients need! We are developing all new Hostomy 2.0 which you gonna love for sure.  So! what will be new in Hostomy 2.0? Well, we don't want to break the suspense but below is some points we mainly focused in Hostomy 2.0.


No one likes trouble reaching what they are looking for right? We all hate complex interface. Everyone likes easy and attractive interface which provides easy actions without any time waste. Yeah! we heard you saying that! We are working on making Hostomy Interface more easy for you.


We are upgrading our whole domains system and focusing to provide the best domain registration, renewal and management experience to you. All sort of domain management tools will be added in Hostomy 2.0.


Still worried about your account or data security? Well, we are most focused on this section so that you never need to face any difficulties accessing your account safely in future with Hostomy 2.0.

Cloud Service

Yes we heard you saying that! Cloud service section is getting whole new development! With full automation and easy to use interface Hostomy 2.0 will deliver best possible experience to this section.

Surprised? We have lot more planned than this! let it be surprise for future.
Working day and night we are focusing on making your overall experience best at Hostomy! Stay tuned!

Do you have suggestion for us? Drop a email to us at [email protected]